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Western Piedmont Woodcrafters

The One Club for All Woodworkers

Club Information/Club History

Early in 1999, a few woodworkers met in Hickory with Coleman Fourshee, General Manager of Klingspor woodworking stores, to discuss organizing a club that would include all types of woodworkers – carvers, turners, and general project workers.  When visitors to the Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop were asked to sign a petition to form a club, dozens of customers signed up.

The first club meeting was held on July 24, 1999, at the Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop in Hickory.  Much business was completed:   officers were elected, by-laws were approved, dues were established and, after some debate, the name of the monthly newsletter – Plane Talk – was approved.  Rejected names included Veneer Sheet, Saw Dust Tracks, Square Talk, Out on a Limb, and others.

The first slate of officers included:

President...................... Art Carney
Vice President............... Tom Beyer
Treasurer...................... Lee Shrewsberry
Secretary...................... Lanny Lambert
Membership Dir........... Joe Green
Program Chairman....... Michael Patterson
House Chairman........... Scott Ollis
News Letter Editor........ Donny Teague

Charter members Art Carney, Eileen Carney, Lee Shrewsberry, Joe Green, Tony Bradley, and Donny Teague carried much of the burden in the first three years getting the club going on a monthly basis, and securing speakers.   Art Carney and Tony Bradley, two of the club’s most experienced woodworkers, conducted many of the initial meetings.  Now, speakers are solicited mostly from outside the club to speak on a wide variety of woodworking and finishing subjects.

Early on, the club added a “Show and Tell” session to each meeting.  Members now regularly bring in their latest projects for review and discussion.

A raffle is also held at each meeting, and has been a good source of club revenue.

The idea for the development of a website for the Western Piedmont Woodcrafters began in 2004.  Donny Teague and Frank Cushman gathered ideas for the site’s content.  Frank Cushman developed the site and currently continues to maintain it.  The web site is not only the central location of club information for members to keep up to date on the activities and benefits of the club, but also serves as a means to introduce potential new members to the club. 

Frank Cushman then developed a “For Members only” WPW Facebook page in 2013.  The page was intent to help members share information and project photos.  A link to the Facebook page can found on the web site home page.

The club started 2x4 Project Contest with prizes in September 2009.  In March 2015 and 2016 a bird house contest to support the Habitat Bird House Audition” was held

The first major raffle of a 14” Laguna Bandsaw was planned to bring more funds into the club in order to hire presenters.  The raffle too place on August  27, 2016.

The Woodcrafters also participate in the annual Klingspor Tool “Extravaganza” held at the Hickory Metro Center, where the club maintains a booth.  New members are solicited, and examples of member’s woodworking projects are exhibited.

The Woodcrafters club chose to meet on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Klingspsor’s Woodworking Shop in Hickory (See details on the Meetings page).

Founded July 24, 1999