Newsletter & Web Info:  Michael Robbins

Publishes and distributes the monthly newsletter entitled “Plane Talk”.  Co-maintain web site.

Membership:  Ronald Ainaire

Recruits new members.

Phone: (828) 855-0256

Western Piedmont Woodcrafters

The One Club for All Woodworkers

Club Information/Club Officers


Officers hold their positions for a period of one year.  At the end of the year either the same people or new people are voted in to the positions for the up coming year.

Current Officers Term:  July 1, 2016—June 30, 2017

Serves as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and is responsible for the overall activities of the club.

Phone: 828-326-8736


Assumes the responsibilities of the club president in his absences.

Treasurer:  Raymond “Ray” Peirce

Maintains finance records, receives funds and co-maintains member list with web site programmer.

Publicity:  Charlie Brown

Submits information about the club to the media.

Co-Coordinates the presenters and documentation for the monthly program.

Vice-President:  Bruce Swanson

Programs:  Tony Bradley

President:  Robert “Bob” Shoffner




Secretary:  Matt Bendzinski

Prepares necessary meeting minutes and correspondence.




Alternate:  Dan Johnson

No specific job.  Can assist any other director when needed. 

(Non-Board Member) :  Frank Cushman

Web Programmer & Photographer


Developed and maintains the Western Piedmont Woocdcrafters web site and co-maintains member list.

Alternate:  James Cranford

No specific job.  Can assist any other director when needed.