Western Piedmont Woodcrafters

The One Club for All Woodworkers

Club Information/By-Laws


The name of this organization shall be the Western Piedmont Woodcrafters, and referred to as Western Piedmont Woodcrafters.


The purpose of Western Piedmont Woodcrafters is to promote an interest in woodworking for persons of all levels of competence, whether they are beginners or advanced Professionals; to provide information, education, and hands-on experience for all members; to encourage creativity and to explore new methods and techniques for advancing woodworking skills; to encourage membership in and give support to associations that the Board of Directors may suggest; to involve the membership in education facilities and applicable community projects associated with woodworking.


Any person at least 14 years of age, interested in woodworking whether amateur or professional, may become a member of Western Piedmont Woodcrafters.  Non voting, dues free Honorary membership may be given to those people that the board may consider.


Dues shall be $35 for single membership and $40 for a family membership.  New members who join during any part of the first six (6) months will be assessed the full amount and those who join any part of the second (6) months will be assessed half the amount.  Our fiscal year starts on July 1st and ends on June 30th of the following year.


Meetings will be held at the Woodworking Shop of Hickory, 856 21st St. Drive SE. on the fourth Saturday of each month, except a combined November/December meeting on the first Saturday of December.


President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Director, Programs Director, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Director, Webmaster and up to two members-at-large.

Several of these offices may include more than one person as needed. They will be voted in at the start of each new year by the members, and begin their duties the following month.


The Board will consist of the club officers, all of whom shall be voting members.  The Board will meet once a month at a designated place to discuss the various aspects of the club, such as meetings, shows, additions or deletions of items deemed unnecessary or needed etc.

Any changes or new items will be presented to the members at the next club meeting. The item or items will be discussed as to opinion, but a vote on any item will not take place until the next club meeting and will be announced in the newsletter as to the impending vote requesting the presence of all members, and the results of the vote in the next month’s meeting and announced in the newsletter.


PRESIDENT:   The President shall serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for:

             (1)         Calling meeting of the Board of Directors

             (2)         Preside at regularly scheduled monthly meetings

             (3)         Have joint responsibility with the newsletter editor to issue a monthly                                 newsletter one week prior to all regularly scheduled meetings

             (4)         Prepare an agenda for Board of Directors meeting

             (5)         Appoint working committees:  House, welcoming, refreshments, etc.

             (6)         Act as a spokesperson concerning any official business with all outside                               parties including the Woodworking Shop.

             (7)         Mediate all disputes concerning club matters.

VICE PRESIDENT:   The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President when absent , incapacitated or, for any other reason, unable to carry out his duties.  Assume the office of President until the next scheduled election for nay reason that the President may leave office.  He or she may also serve as Program Director if the board so desires.  The Vice Presidents other responsibilities shall be:

(1)         Keep current on all Club matters with the President so a smooth transition can take place in case the President is absent or resigns his office.

(2)         Write a letter of welcome to all new members.


Secretary Duties:  The Secretary shall prepare necessary correspondence, document and approval for board meeting minutes and prepare and mail election ballot if and when necessary.

Treasurer Duties:   The Treasurer shall receive all Club funds and deposit the in non interest bank account.  This person may also serve as Membership Director if requested by the Board of Directors.  Additionally, the Treasurer shall:

(1) Keep a record of funds received and disbursed

(2)         Maintain a roster of paid members, including addresses and telephone numbers that he receives from the Membership Director

(3)         Submit a monthly financial report

(4)         Submit an annual financial report in the newsletter

(5)         Furnish the Woodworking Shop’s store manager with an updated copy of all new members on a monthly basis so they may be added into the stores computer

(6) Complete and file all required Federal and State income tax returns on behalf of the Western Piedmont Woodcrafters and maintain all required supporting documentation

(7) Preside over monthly meeting in the event the President and VP is absent

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR:  The Membership Director shall be responsible for maintaining a current roster of all members, addresses and telephone numbers on a monthly basis and give the Treasurer an updated copy as close to the first of each month as possible.

             (1)         Furnish a roster of all new members on a monthly basis to the Vice President

PROGRAM DIRECTOR:   The Program Director shall be responsible for:

             (1)         Coordinating monthly programs

             (2)         Arranging for program presenters, speakers, demonstrators, video tapes etc.

             (3)         Prepare a schedule of proposed programs for publishing in the news letter

             (4)         Update program schedule as required

NEWSLETTER EDITOR:  The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for the monthly publishing and distributing of a newsletter entitled “Plane Talk”.

PUBLICITY DIRECTOR:  The Publicity Director promotes activities of the Western Piedmont Woodcrafters in the Piedmont and beyond through publicity releases, posters, the internet, and other media.  They maintain a mailing/e- mail list of media sources, and seek to recruit all woodworkers in the Unifour into the Woodcrafters Club.

WEBMASTER:  The Webmaster shall develop and maintain the contents of the Western Piedmont Woodcrafters web site.  The site will be maintained to provide the dual purpose of keeping members informed of club activities and woodworking information while also providing a means to attract potential new members.

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE:  The duties of the members-at large shall be to represent the club as a whole at Board meetings.


Term of office shall be one (1) year with a two (2) year term limit.  In future years, if no candidate comes forth to fill any of the above offices the board may extend the term of office annually.


(1)         The fiscal year will begin on July 1st of each year and end on June 30th
             of the following year.

(2)         The election of officers shall be completed by the fourth Saturday in June

(3)         The Board of Directors shall hold a minimum of four (4) meetings each year with a quorum of two-thirds voting members.  Others may be held if desired

(4)         Regular Club meetings will be held the fourth Saturday of each month at The Woodworking Shop in Hickory, NC


(1)         Western Piedmont Woodcrafters shall be a non-profit educational and social organization

(2)         Funding for the organization shall be assessment of dues from club members

(3)         Funding for activities such as workshops, seminars, etc., shall be assessment of costs from participating members.  It is suggested that a maximum of four (4) such activities be scheduled per year or at Board discretion.  Non members may attend if space is available but in all cases members have first choice

(4)         It is encouraged that all special workshops and seminars be held at a different time so as not to interfere with the regular monthly meeting.  This will allow those people who cannot or wish not to pay extra for those functions will still be able to attend the monthly meeting

(5)         All requests for expenditures must be accompanied by a statement of how the expenditure is to be funded (gifts, fees, collections etc.) A financial report must be presented along with all applicable receipts before payment.

(6)         An annual statement of finances, that has been audited by a member committee selected by the President, must be filed with the President at end of each year.

(7)         No monies, time, property shall be committed without the approval of the Board of Directors.  Items other than those in the annual budget shall be requested and presented at least one month prior to request for approval


The current Presidents address or a Club P.O. Box.  This will be at the Boards discretion.


Section 1 Amendments

The By-Laws of Western Piedmont Woodcrafters may be amended on a yearly basis.  It will be enacted at the same time that the election is held on the fourth Saturday of June.

Section 2 Procedure

(1) Proposed Amendment:  Any qualified voting member may recommend an amendment to the By-Laws in writing which shall be forwarded to the President who shall refer the recommendation to a committee appointed by the President of unbiased club members.  The committee shall make a recommendation of approval or denial of the proposal within thirty (30) days after receipt and send a copy to the President and each Board member.

(2) Action:  Upon receipt of a recommendation from the committee, the Board of Directors shall either approve or deny the proposed amendment.  If approved, the proposal shall be submitted to a vote to the membership at the time of election on the fourth Saturday in June or earlier if the Board so desires.

(3) Vote:  A denied proposed amendment may be reinstated within thirty (30) days thereafter upon submission to the Club President of a petition containing no less than thirty percent (30%) of the current membership requesting reinstatement of the proposal in which event the amendment shall be submitted to the membership for consideration by a new vote at the next scheduled meeting


The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern this club in all cases in which they are applicable.  All votes at the general monthly meeting shall be passed or denied by a simple majority of members present.


No part of the assets of Western Piedmont Woodcrafters shall inure to the benefit of any officer, Director, or member of the Organization.  Upon dissolution of the Association, the assets of the Association shall be, after due provisions have been made for the satisfaction of all liabilities and obligations of the Association, distributed to another organization (s) whose purposes are substantially similar to the purposes for which this association was organized.

The effective date of the original By-Laws were be July 24, 1999.  The current By-Laws were revised June 3, 2013.