Text Box: We meet on a Saturday each month at Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop,  located at 856  21st Street Dr. SE between Route 70 and Tate Blvd. in Hickory, NC  (see map and meeting schedule).

Western Piedmont Woodcrafters

The One Club for All Woodworkers

Join the Woodcrafters!  Learn how old and new techniques can improve your woodworking projects!

Text Box: Founded  1999

Western Piedmont Woodcrafters is an informal group of men and women dedicated to ALL kinds of woodworking.  We meet once a month for a couple of hours to hear a quest speakers talk about a woodworking project, demonstrate a hand or power tool, or new woodworking techniques.

In recent months meeting subjects have included the making of dovetail joints by hand and machine, mortise and tenon joints, wood finishing, fine box making, lathe turning and bowl making, a tutorial on saw blades, use of the band saw, basic drafting, intarsia, case work, routers, wood identification, caneing, measurement devices, deck building, carving, wood burning, scroll sawing and writing pens for fun and profit, plus much more.

A popular meeting feature is ”Show and Tell” in which members bring in a completed woodworking project for demonstration and discussion.  Some of these project can be seen in our past issues of “Plane Talk”, the club’s monthly news publication.

Our members consist of men and women of all age groups, occupations, and skill levels.  Beginning woodworkers are especially welcome and will find the Woodcrafters a source of help and fellowship.

Club members pay a small annual membership fee which entitles them to attend all meetings, receive “Plane Talk”and other benefits.